Im back baby!!!!!

So, its been a while..I missed my solo life here!!! I made Facebook my secret blog..and it was quite an experience..  err fun!!!

2014 has been a good year for me..totally dramatic and a lot of awkward moments and hurtful events too..but in all, its been a good year..I learnt, I strayed..I got a potential dream job..I quit..I got to stay alone at 22.. like not in school o!!! Like alone Lagos without my mum’s supervision and I mean it’s every young person’s dream…but then, it becomes a nightmare when you don’t have a job. My point exactly is living alone is hard...alot of work. So, as I was saying, in 2014 I prayed and believed and I still do..#sigh#

Its I mean!! It just has a way of laughing at us.. A man I know died some months ago..with a whole lot of secrets..’yamayama’ ones o!!!! After his death, those secrets he spent his entire life protecting came out effortlessly.. he claimed he has a house, told his wife there was no other. I won’t tell the story…but know that the choices you make good or bad won’t affect just you..they affect your family, your friends..everyone who truly care about you. Therefore, brethren, think twice before you decide..because, trust me you don’t want the people who love you to stay mad at you when you’re gone..its better to stay mad at a man who is alive than a dead man..I’ve been there..its no fun..not that I’ve been dead o!! na wa o!! If you actually thought I was’re weirder than Denrele Edun!!!

Writing is like therapy to me..I couldn’t afford my therapist so I ate his brain…writing is a cheaper therapy. I do not want to die with secrets that will hurt the people who sincerely…emphasis..SINCERELY care about me and it’s always been my desire more than anything to die empty, I have decided to make this desire a reality by emptying myself on the blank pages of this kini and other blank pages..

So, its in this spirit I’m announcing  the much-anticipated series..The Diary of a Dark Horse. It’s a series of stories from the insanely dramatic life of a not so tall not so short Nigerian female weirdo. It might be boring or interesting… whatever your opinions are, I shall console myself with no story is bad!!! Hehehehe!!! Conviction of life!!!

But in all, I hope you own these stories and feel free to contact me if you have any weird questions or

I don't exactly know what to call WordPress users...Pressies or wordies or wordpressies...they all sound absurd to me!!!
I don’t exactly know what to call WordPress users…Pressies or wordies or wordpressies…they all sound absurd to me!!!

comments or whatever.


For now, spread the word..d_darkhorse is back baby and in Jesus name..its for good. Amen!!!!!!!!


36 thoughts on “Im back baby!!!!!

  1. You’re welcome… I’ve always cherish & love ur write up, don’t worry, if they are too long, I’ll just read d first 3 paragraphs or thereabout & jump(as in modulate) to d last 2 paragraph. *Smiles* keep up d good work Grace Junkie. Much love.


  2. Beeni baby, you’re back and you’re here to stay. Don’t worry I’d resume blogging soon tho. Anyways can’t wait to see what you’d write…. God’s blessings. Love you to the end of the universe and forth, hehehehehe!!!!


  3. True talk, but with a large dollop v humor thrown in so its not too heavy. You either laugh , n leave it @that, or laugh and then ponder. Whichever way you swing, you’ll find something for you. Cool! *hope u make sense v my rambling lol*


  4. I’ve known how good u write and will always be a part of a good work. Will love to see and read more of ur write-ups. You know I’ll skip a voluminous writeup…. Loool. Big ups Dark horse…..


  5. Hmmmmmm… Dark Horse, Esther or Grace junkie, woteva ur wonderful names are. I’m looking forward to reading stories and also learning frm dis page.

    They beta be interesting and inspiring, or… I go tear d page o… Hahahaahahahaaa.

    Good job dear friend! May God see U through!


  6. Usually, you here things like the Dark Knight strikes again but you forget that the Knight does not move without its “Dark Horse”. Now the Dark Horse strikes again. Can’t wait to read from these epic encounters that will change and revolutionize history and the world as we know it.


  7. Estar or Esther, just pick one. My reaction to your ‘backness’ hahahaha! I mean your assured cöntinous presence on this your darkhorse blog has two faces, first is hate and 2nd is love. Creativity is like ebola virus very cöntagious, whenever I read ur write ups I always love the style cos it depicts a down-to-earth kind of writo-therapy for you, and I have accepted it as reado-therapy serving as a cure for the hate I have for my inability to fully maximize my own creativity. Dearie, it can only get beta!


  8. Lool! Decided to read from the very first post…yeah I see weirdness, cool weirdness I mean. I definitely like your writing style, fun, real… Aii, lemme move to the next. I guess it’s too late to say welcome.


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