The least expected to succeed in a race but turns out prominent.. #diary of d_darkhorse#

I don’t know  much actually. Ask me right now why I think you should set a reminder on your phone for the days i post stories on this blog and I will give you the blankest stare ever!!!

But I do know these things..

1. I love Writing

2. I love the kind of songs *e.g Normal Song by Perfume*that will make you fall asleep..(then i will watch you sleep)

3. I will try my best not to state in words my religion..I believe you should be able to determine that without being told because you see some similarities between me and the founder of the ‘religion’ you think i practice.

4. I am not religious..I like to think so.

5. I love boots..a lot!!!

6. I know I cant fight.. in the physical

7. I love my friends and family..I love human beings…just not their dogs.

8. I am not regular

9. He who bears the light has no fear of darkness.

10. One doesn’t need eyes to see that which the heart sees.

11. Failing is never equivalent to falling.

12. The moment a mad man knows he is mad, he is on his way to sanity.

You probably know these things too..issokay, we shall proceed..but I bet you don’t know about the day I got bullied by Ore in Federal Government College Ijanikin..the day This Dark Horse was born.

Sometimes in 2007

I hate this School!!!!

It feels like nobody wants me here.

There is this annoying strata: The big boys and girls on block and the Gbolocks!! What on earth is that?? Well, A Gbolocks is a reputation-less individual on block.

Its even more annoying that I definitely know I do not belong to the big girls category and I am not even a gbolocks..really I’m not!!! Its better not to think I am in that category…it makes my survival in this school possible.

This morning, I almost got beaten by a girl in my corner. If  I was a ‘big girl’ on block, she wouldn’t have done that I’m sooooo sure! So that makes me what?? #sigh#

Okay, see what happened o!!! ( as I’m even writing it, I’m crying. Hmmmm…she almost killed me o!!! I was so scared!!!)

Shebi, I used to say that my favorite duty was sleep? Nobody will listen.

When we resumed this term, i went to check the duty list for mine…and what did I see there??


Chai!!! I hate this term already!!!

There are certain duties in this school that can make you frustrated till you graduate. The list is long but I know Toilet, Bathroom, Back of the dormitory, and Corridor will always always top the list. I cant really go into details of Toilet and Bathroom because the names already bear the message.

As for the back of the dormitory,#sigh#, that portion exposes man to the intense wickedness of man. Do you know some people will shot put on an innocent person’s portion and leave it there for the owner of the portion to come and carry it for them. One time, i woke up late and Mrs Otiorimo (who told me last year that she heard I am one of the bad girls on block..which was hilarious!!!! Can you imagine??? Someone thinks I’m a bad girl…very funny!!!), asked me to pack all the shot puts on people’s portions..Ah!!!! I cried non stop that day. Worse part of it was the fact that I went to class smelling like all types of shit that day.  You see why I don’t like this school?

Anyways, Corridor (my current nightmare) is not so bad but it is super annoying. The first time I stepped on a corridor while someone was mopping it, she called me a bastard and as expected, I cried. Sha, my own is now Corridor!!! and its been frustrating me. I dream about it, I think about it, it haunts me..every step I take, every move I make..every bone..every blood vessel in my body. The way people heartlessly step on the corridor after I’m done mopping it, the way I have to yell (and you know when I yell, you’ll end  up pitying me instead of being afraid because my face will now form one look…you’ll think I want to cry). Sha, I gave up on shouting..

So, now today, as usual, Chidinma woke me up with the regular words ” Idiot!!! you will not wake up now” . I opened my eyes, smiled and said “good morning too!!”. I performed my regular rituals, got half dressed and proceeded to mop the corridor. But somehow, I didn’t find any bucket ( mine was stolen), and I thought  it was a good day for me because someone gave me a mop to use. So, in a very good spirit, I borrowed Ores bucket to you know.

Now, lets be clear, Ore has threatened the life of so many girls in this hostel..She has chased someone with a cutlass before and so many other life threatening techniques. But NEVER have I felt unsafe or threatened by her; in fact I never saw this day coming..NEVER!! I always thought we were like family, she wont hurt me. So, I borrowed the bucket, fetched water and used the bucket to mop…yes!!! I said mop!!! *This is no time to judge*

Ok now!! I finished mopping o and it was almost time to leave the hostel, so I quickly dashed in to wear my uniform with the mind set that I will come out, throw the dirty water and wash the bucket..Ores bucket.

Omo!!! that was the worst decision I have ever made besides coming to this school. While I was cracking jokes in the corner with my inner caucus, I felt a strong hand grab my uniform when I turned around to convince myself that it was a joke, I saw Ores had changed…Oh my God!!! I am dead!!!!!

A Dark Horse is not a dark word…its an irony in itself..

27 thoughts on “Shadow😊

  1. I am very glad I didn’t go to a public school, or stayed in the boarding house. People only ever haver horrific tales *shudders*


  2. Chidinma…. Will nd alwys will be d bestest bunky u ever had #love u muchos #my words weren’t ever meant 2 #acidic mouth I dashed it away #nd dey think am cool in unilag #d real chidinm #d bunky wv d mouth #idiot (I luv u)


    1. #singing# last night I dreamt of my bunky…she was sologying garri in the corner…lmao!!!! You sure are!!! Lol!!! Bully of Life and Unilag people dont know who you really are…they gats know o!!! #bully!!! I love you too!!!


  3. Oooooooh. U have to keep one in suspence abi? I will turn Ore now and replay that scene u have refused to complete…… My Big Baby is doing a good job. I am loving this already. Big ups dear.


  4. Esther ni….u can tell story sha. Wonderful story but not a pleasant experience. Was also a victim of this boarding house menace. Fingers crossed, blinkering wit xpectatn..this definitly no Nigerian movie because d suspence is captivating…Kudos dear


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