“Abiku is a word in Yoruba. The word is derived from Yoruba: (abiku) “predestined to death”, which is from (abi) “that which possesses” and (iku) “death”. Abiku refers to the spirits of children who die before reaching puberty; a child who dies before twelve years of age being called an Abiku, and the spirit, or spirits, who caused the death being also called Abiku..”

Oil poured on my legs and I was very very happy about it. It was really painful but I was glad…

I’ll tell you why.

First term was terrible. I was a new student in the school and so many things about my life plans changed. I had big dreams before coming to this school. I wanted to be an Architect, then an Astronaut, then a Doctor and a Motivational Speaker at once.  Well, I found myself taking Government classes.

All my lies put together couldn’t save me from entering senior’s wahala and they always had a way of backfiring. I never saw myself being bullied by anyone besides my cousin John but it seems like the hustle here is real men. Barely a week in the hostel, Agnes(she was my mate, SS1 supervisior and the person who started calling me Esther Macaulay) told me I’ll be responsible for cleaning the windows (broken windows-that could literally cut somene’s skin) and packing dirts. Come on!!! You know that’s totally unfair! When she told me, I opened my mouth to tell her I didn’t think it was fair that I was given two duties (shebi I explained duties last time..incase you didnt get it, it’s the punishment you get for being a boarder daily routine you carry out in order to keep the hostel clean) When I opened my mouth to speak, this is what came out “I don’t know what you’re talking about Agnes, I just know all you’re saying is entering this ear and coming out of the other”  Was that a mean statement? It is? Ehen?? I didn’t know now. Why didn’t you tell me? I sha told Agnes. She was so angry:she looked at me and said “Esther, you’re trying me “. Within that term,I had more bruises on my wrist than I ever had on my entire body in my life. The windows gave me free tattoos and the dirt pit knew my name. Apparently, it was my words that entered the ear of Agnes and came out through the other one.

Finally, the term came to an end and I was super excited about it. It was an escape from all the atrocities I was experiencing in this school. I’ve suffered sha!

Sha, the holiday was eventless until one faithful day…a mess became a message an open door to eternal freedom.

I was frying yam. O! The joy I get from frying yam-it makes me sing and fills my heart with so much gladness.I was high on crunchy yam fries imagination/expectation until I heard my skin frying!!! Somehow the pan fell and landed on the floor without the oil. Where was the oil??? O!! There it was-on my legs, dripping from my knees to my toes. Then, it clicked…o my God,!!! Hot oil on my skin!!!..I don’t know if it was my nervous system that was slow to reaction but I know that it took me like five minutes to acknowledge I just had a kitchen accident, so, I screamed because that was the only way I could express my pain. But, this is not the story. The story is how this accident made me an Abiku!

God bless folklores.
God bless folklores.

As expected the holidays came and went. My scars had started healing. So, my mum half heartedly packed my metal box for school. My dad (story for another day…I have decided not to bring my family matter here yet..until we all become good friends!!) appeared from Mercury Nowhere and offered to drop me off at school. Things were going as planned because I decided this accident was going to be for my good. I was honestly tired of being harassed by these Ijanikin people.

So, I got to school, bade farewell to my AMAZING PARENTS  and headed back to my life. I

 had barely settled in when someone screamed “Oh my God!! Esther what happened to your legs?” In my mind I said Finally, this is it!!!! Jesus thank you o!!! I looked at her with the most stupid face ever and said “I was involved in a ghastly car accident. The driver and househelp died. I was the only survivor” No way!!! Dont you dare open my page to judge me.

Im not one anymore..
Im not one anymore..

Trust girls..next thing she was crying and in my heart I was like Im good!!!!! She told someone that told someone that told someone. Next thing I knew I was getting sorries from eveyone. I was exempted from punishments, seniors felt sorry for me. Life was good. Life was really good until my legs started healing completely. Then, I knew I had to do something fast..something really smart and deep. Yes I said deep.

Now, let me digress a little. I grew up in an orthodox church. A place where prophecy reigned supreme and evey sermon had something to do with witches and your next door neighbour who wanted to kill you. You see, I’m the only child of my mother and in our not so well to do state, in my church, she was a big woman:and these people who are referred to as ‘prophets’ knew these important facts.

  • This woman is one of the biggest women in the church…in their word Assembly (it was a calabar church, so try to pronounce it like them)
  • She has only one child-she will do anything to protect her child.

With these facts straight. The games began. In every service, these people had something to say to my mum about her or her only child. The most popular being the one that her only child had joined a spiritual association for little children. One said her child was going to die at the age 15 and that my mum should not be surprised at what they were saying because one look at me and one would know I wasn’t normal because I was chubby and very very smart.#sigh#. Of course, my mother believed evey story including the one that said the children would come out every night to play with me under a tree.

Things are happening
Things are happening..

Again, dont judge. Any naive person would fall for these stories. And I’m not saying one shouldn’t believe in the supernatural. Of course, you should..or at least I do. The supernatural is real but it hurts when I see people exploit others in the name of visions and false prophecies..I’ll talk about this some other time.

Just in case you’re already thinking about it, I was totally innocent of all these funny allegations. I slept pretty well at night..I played during the day..on the sand, not under a tree and of course with human beings. But no!!! My mum fell for these stories and it was quite sad. So, from all these, I got my inspiration.

There was no other deep story to say to these people.

One friday night,, during devotion, I spoke to Eunice (a spiritual young woman in SS1.She always conducted devotions and other spiritual activities) I needed to tell everyone something. And o boy!!! What a something it was!!

I told them I am an abiku and that I would die on Feb.28th which was the day I would turn 14. I told them I was a boy in my first life and that my spirit mother had been disturbing me to come home. I told them that it was one of the reasons I had that ‘accident’ and that I was scared and that I didnt want to die. I asked them to pray for me.

See ehn, in my mind, it was a random gist. Okay, not so random but if I had known it would create so much fire as it did, omo, I would have shut my mind and mouth because at a point everything felt real…

I’ll finsh this gist later…#for now, dont judge me#

It was never meant to be so serious o!!!!
It was never meant to be so serious o!!!!

17 thoughts on “Abiku.

  1. *filing_fingernails* well… Uhm… The only thing that concern me is that you must pay copyright funds for using ‘deep’ three times in your post which would cost $2m for each word and then you have to pay for been so interesting that you’d intrude into a pastor’s bible study time. Dassol. *keeps_filing_fingernails*


  2. Hmmm. Esther…e le yi gidi gan!!!. Ride on with the story.I remember vividly, may be I ways also ‘lied’ to then too in high school.Nice and interesting story


  3. I can actually hear your voice while reading your stories. Chai! Why didn’t I think of all these lies when I was younger. *thinking* Awesome Esther….


    1. When I think of how we became friends…if I ever doubt it was mutual…this is a goOdddddd reason to undoubt…chai!!!! Why weren’t we neighbours as children??the tsunami we would have caused…lmao!!!!!


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