You can walk away with any lie when you have a fce like this.

First there was a deafening silence. Then, I heard snaps, then “Jesus!”, then whisperings…”ehn, what did she say?”, “she’s a witch?” “Eh God, I’m afraid o!” “Eunice, let us pray na!”.

Gracious heavens!!! Did these people just beg for prayers?? Ah!!! This indeed shall be an epic term for me (“just me” I thought…but it stopped being about me when the Vice Principal Mrs. Nzowulu heard about it!!! Relax I’m getting there). When Eunice called out prayer points in the MFM style, I was amazed at the agility the girls applied in praying. I almost cracked up when those inside their rooms (muslim especially) flew outside to just at least stand or sit next to Eunice. God forgive me.

You probably don’t get the picture. You see, in the hostel, Friday Night prayer was an overly spiritual thing. It was meant for Eunice and friends-the prayer session I mean.but the praise session!!! Ah!!! The praise session was like jumps (where people jump around a little party for Ijanikin boarders that usually takes place in the dinning hall or library complex when they could finally wear their black or pink or purple or almost blue but not properly dyed white socks and “kiss me before I die” tops!! Lmao..these people will kee me for these..Its not so bad trust me). The girls loved the praise session and it didn’t matter if the songs were always sung in the same order friday to friday regardless of the person that was leading (it was always Mosun and Yinka..they had amazing anointing.) They would do the ‘thank God its friday’ pseudo devotional party; dance the week of school teachers and matrons harassing them out of their systems and as soon as the songs stopped and the bucket drummers packed up and everyone had finished leading worship:singing the same song at the same time as if they were reciting songs from a hymn book, almost everyone will fade away-to their rooms or the background:which looks a whole lot like sitting down and sometimes dozing off  till it was time to ‘share the grace’

Thank God its friday!!!
Thank God its friday!!!

Now, that you get the picture, you probably understand how I felt when nobody sat down or went into their rooms after they found out I am/was an Abiku. They prayed and prayed and still wanted more prayers even after Eunice (with her tiny voice) had yelled “in Jesus name”over and over again. In fact with the way things were going, I became scared-so scared I started crying and there!!! They saw my tears and thought it was because of the confession I made. This will indeed be the biggest lie I will ever tell.

I was hoping it will be just one night of one little lie but it became uncontrollable. People were dreaming, seeing ‘things’ and linking them to me. Lets say someone had a dream that a bucket was missing, another person will interpret it this way “Esther is the bucket and she will disappear” or something really silly. The days that followed were quite scary even to me. I’ll break them down..just dont laugh too much.


The monday after that night was funny. A guy came to meet me in class and said “Ehen, Esther, I heard a witch confessed in you people’s hostel. Is it true?” I looked at him, trying my best to act shocked, I was like said “o my God!! That’s scary! I didn’t hear anything”. Then, the conversation changed.

When I got to the hostel, after lunch, the gates were locked. So everyone was outside waiting to be set free from their White and Grey uniform. As soon as they saw me, the gossip activator  was turned on. A lot of stares and whisperings and somehow that period, I was more isolated than ever. I finally found a place to sit and I started forming talking to myself if you dont know how to say it..let me help you I am super weird. One girl summoned the courage to walk up to me and asked “is that why your hair is really black and long?” In my mind I was like Esther, you ‘berra’ think fast. I looked at her and said “well yes. My mother in the spirit world has the longest hair ever and you should see my siblings hair” Next thing, people started asking questions like “is that why you’re a tomboy? “”How many times have you died?” I answered every question after saying “God forbid” in my heart. To the tomboy question I said “yes, I was a boy the last time”. To how many time I have died, well, I didn’t want to say something shady, so I said “I’ve lost count”. Then one funny girl came and said  “Esther, shebi when you die, I can take your provisions?” It cracked me up but if I had laughed, it would have spoilt everything, so, I looked at her and said “Be careful of what you say or you might go with me when I die” o my God! !! That’s some creepy phrase..my heart skipped at that one sha. I was cold. Brethren,in that moment, everything felt real…a lie as little as a mustard seed was becoming a giant tree.

No jokes..
No jokes..

Dreams and deliverance

So, people started having funny dreams. some saw people with calabash in the middle of the room which totally freaked me out. Twiny had a dream…the one i thought was going to happen when Ore nearly killed me(since the abiku people didn’t kill me themselves, i thought they were going to use Ore to kill me that day…thats the point) Twiny dreamt that a woman came to carry me…a mermaid to be precise..I’m not commenting on that. Things were happening. This thing was no longer funny because it totally creeped me out. Who exactly sent me message? That person and I needed to talk..true!!!

Next thing I knew, the Vice Principal invited me to her office for prayers. Seniors were organizing deliverance for me; turning my neck till I could feel my neck no more because I didn’t fall when they spat on me in the name of blowing Holy Ghost breeze on me.They even used me as a point of contact to the all the Abikus in the world…how dangerous is that. Does that sound funny to you??? Its not funny!!! It is veryyyyy scary.. It just became weird. Everybody was counting down to 12am of Feb.28th.

Who send me message???
Who send me message???


Remember  I told them I was going to finally die on the midnight of Feb.28?
Well, that moment did come and I remember vividly that it was the most spooky day of my life.
Somehow, everyone had started getting used to the Abiku gist. I was beginning to live a nearly normal life that was absent of bullies but was now evolving around series of  people’s dreams and deliverances. But I could live with that at least, I wasnt bullied anymore by anyone. everything was going fine..according to plan until the countdown to 12 am .
That morning a girl had a dream. “Esther, I dreamt that some girls came to the room all dressed in white. They had a calabash in the middle. They said they had come to take you.” I looked at her and I could swear that I forgot to blink. What is happening? As I walked to class, I kept saying “God forbid. I shall not die but live to errrrr” Funny thing was I had somehow forgotten about the day I told them I was going to die until someone said,”we have to pray for Esther o!!! Shebi its today she’s going to die” well…well.. that’s all.

God forbid bad thing!!!
God forbid bad thing!!!

I started respecting myself. I was so polite. I even offered to iron people’s uniform. If I was going to die that day, let me die well. I even asked God to forgive me. Let me at least end up in heaven.

So, night came. O yes it did come. The clock was ticking and it kind of felt like the second coming…not exactly but I actually can’t think of any other thing to compare it to because every second increased the tension.
Some minutes after 11, I went to the laundry to iron, other girls were there:somehow, I lost track of time and I was reminded when the light went off. Someone asked “whats the time?” A girl answered “15 minutes to 12”!!!! As soon as the light went out,there was lightening, then thunder (normally, this would mean it was about to rain shey?). Next thing I heard was a girl screaming “they have come o!” My legs thought faster than my brain because I can’t remember how it happened but I found myself in the room; on my bed…saying some heartfelt ‘God forgive me I don’t want to die prayers’. While I shut my eyes, praying and not dying, I felt hands on my body. Jesus!!!!!!!
I refused to open my eyes. “Eh God!!! What have I done?? It was just a small lie”..I thought. I didn’t know what was happening around me but I heard girls screaming my name “Esther, Esther wake up”. I couldn’t. I didnt want to. I thought I was dead, so I didn’t. Was I really dead?? Or really an Abiku? The screaming continued. And the hands were the hands of the peole who were trying to wake me up. Some hands were really strong. Okay!! I now realized I was hearing people scream, that means I’m not dead. So, I opened my eyes and I saw Mausi heave a sigh “she’s alive everybody” And for the first time, that made sense to me.

Sometime in 2012.
As I walked to my room this afternoon, Fatima stopped me and said “idiot!!! This girl that made me sleep with bible”( Fatima is a devoted Muslim). I looked at her and said at least “unlike a lot of people, you slept on your bed”. I laughed so hard as I walked away. I had really told a story that was “built to last”

im glad it didn't


2.The church ought to be a place where we find comfort and peace. Not a place for preying on people who do not have the gifts you have.

3. I think we should teach our young ones the truth, fill their hearts with teachings that will reform their minds, make them better. These witchcraft stories and wicked neighbors sermons will take us nowhere. We will just have more children making up stories to scare their friends and people who truly care about them. That’s one of Nigeria’s problem…the existence of bad..very bad foundation.
I once taught in a school where a 14 years, Jss3 boy met a ‘babalawo'(fetish specialist)to make incisions on him that will make him immune to cuts and gunshots incase he got into street fights and school troubles. He was just 14..and he went a step from my ‘little lie’

4. A lie just like every word is ‘untakeable’..you cant take back a lie. I appeal to us all to try to avoid lying…just like we have no small words, we have no small lie. A lie is a lie and it will end up hurting the ones we offer somethingthem lie to.

5.Every word heard must be carefully analyzed..don’t just swallow every story you hear..except the person is extremely good. Loo!!!

I love you guys…and next time, I’ll be sharing stories from my mother..she’s a drama queen..lol!!hope you’ll come around.

20 thoughts on “12am

  1. hmmm… thinking of the best way to say that you are awesomely talented … your stories always have a message to pass. God bless your story lines.


  2. Honestly? I don’t blame you. I know how bad one can need attention and resort to telling a “little lie” which could result into something like this. Anyway, I LOVE how you have penned this down. U really are talented. Kudos!!!


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